Sunday, November 20, 2011

This week in Theater and Dance!

Theater One

This week in Theater One we continued to work with Objectives (learned last week) and added obstacles. Objectives clarify what a character wants and obstacles are what or who stands in their way of achieving them. In class we teamed up as objective/obstacle pairs. One student created an objective while their partner created obtacles to prevent them, or at least slow them down, in achieving their objective. As the week progressed we increased the size of our groups.

Here are some scenes from this week's lesson.

Advanced Theater

In Advanced Theater we continued to work on our Brittish dialects for A Christmas Carol. The students are rehearsing and self directing the production for the Christmas Concert to be held December the 19th.

Vocal recordings to come soon!

Advanced Dance

In Advanced Dance we continued to work on our choreography for the Christmas Concert. This week focused on pathways, non - locomotor movement and contact balances (using counter balance and weight share to maintain balance).

Dance videos (works in progress)!

Ballet - The Nutcracker

Lyrical - It's Christmas

Varsity Jazz - Winter Wonderland

~ Mrs. Amy Jones

Sunday, November 6, 2011

NCTC Play Festival 2011!

Congrats to my BRATS for an outstanding job at the annual 2011 NCTC Play Festival at Paramount Theater in Goldsboro, NC on January 5, 2011!

Company members gave a phenominal performance of This is a Test earning two awards in Sound Design and Innovative Storytelling! You guys rock! I love all of you!!! :)

Here are a few picks of students on breaks between performances! We had a great time and learned a lot!!!

The Macarena!


This week in Advanced Theater!
As you may have guessed this week Advanced Theater students prepared for Play Festival. Unfortunately, we were not permitted to film or photograph the actual performance at the festival due to copyright infringements but I will provide a class rehearsal recording so that you may see them in action! Again, they did a great job on Saturday and I am very proud of them.

This week in Theater One!
In Theater One we have been studying substitution. In Theater the term substitution refers to an actor using his/her own personal experiences and feelings to portray a character's feelings/situation. Often, as actors, we find that we have not shared the same experiences that our characters share but we have shared the same emotions. In this exercise the actor must substitute his/her own personal feelings for the character's in the scene. This sounds simple but it is very complicated. I am very proud of the work Theater One has achieved in this lesson!

This week in Advanced Dance!
In Advanced Dance we have been studying choreographic elements (Time, space and Design). The students were taught movement phrases demonstrating these elements and were later asked to create their own movement or manipulate previously learned movement using the elements (Time - 1/2, 1/4, full, double; Space - levels, facings, areas; Design - manipulation of movement phrases using various guideline/choreographic manipulation). Advanced Dance has been very successful with their choreographic projects and you can look forward to seeing their completed work at the Christmas Concert in December!

Check out Carmike Cinemas promotional video for Footloose! The video features Southstage dancers!

~Mrs. Amy Jones