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Musical season approaches! Remember when...

I've added an archive feature to the blog. 
Click here to see pictures of past musicals by the Southstage Company.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Annie 2007

Honk 2008

Cats 2009

Footloose 2010

West Side Story 2011

Into the Woods 2012

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Tarzan make-up, costume and set design resources!

Make-up tutorial!


Set Design!

Tarzan Press Release Assignment

Tarzan Press Release by Summer Duncan


Tarzan is about a boy who was adopted by apes after his parents were washed up on shore then killed by a leopard. As he grows up he realizes that he is different from everyone else, yet he loves and respects his ape family. When Tarzan is almost an adult he comes encounter with his first human Jane Porter, a curious young explorer. Once they came face-to-face with each other both of their worlds are transformed forever.


Tarzan- Dustin Chapman
Jane- Taylor Hawes
Kala – Mikayla Fowler
Kerchak- Drake Harper
Leopard- Summer Duncan
Terk- Britni Stevens
Porter- Alston Ray
Clayton- Isaiah Fipps
Snipes- Eryn Patrick
Mother- Morgan Fowler
Father- Philip Taylor


Isaiah Fipps, Summer Duncan, Eryn Patrick, Crystal Hall, Morgan Norris, Dashawn Daniels, Emilee Batten, Mazie Clewis, Makayla Stutts, Tiffany Timmions, Corbin Clemmons, Reese Fowler, Mykia Gerald, Vanyshia Graham, Rasheed Jordan, Victoria Stubbs, Hannah Hawes, Monica Tutt


Advanced Dance - Morgan Fowler, Rachel Norris, Tradesha Floyd, Desiree McLelland, Chrishonna Smith, Haleigh Ward, Carolyn Foggan, Sia Yacoumis, Brittney Sellers, Maryrica Vereen, Shaquille Brinkley, Allison Cribb, Kendrex Johnson, Lindsey Lewis, Loquatia Smith, Bethany Godwin, Khrista Graham, Gabby Small.

Dance 1 - Faith Cartrette, Amber Summons, Holly Ward, Savannah Williams, Nala Vereen, Autumn Anderson, Mariah Hemingway, Courtney Marshall, Jacinaa Sumpter, Mackenzie Marlowe, Alyssa Nelson



Josh Strickland as Tarzan
Jennifer Gambatese as Jane
Shuler Hensley as Kerchak
Merle Dandridge as Kala
Chester Gregory II as Terk
Tim Jerome as Professor Porter
Donnie Keshawarz as Clayton
Daniel Manche / Alex Rutherford as Young Tarzan


Best big musical -Won in 2008
Best female lead in a big musical, Chantal Janzen as Jane - Nominated
Best supporting actor in a big musical, Clayton Peroti as Terk - Won in 2007 
Best creative prestation, Sergio Trujillo - Nominated
Best Performance Content, Martine Bijl - Nominated
Best Performance Content, Phil Collins - Nominated
Best designer, Pichón Baldinu - Nominated
Best designer, Bob Crowley - Nominated
Musical Award for upcoming talent, Ron Link as Tarzan - Won in 2007


Netherlands (2007–2009)
Kristianstad (2008–2009)
Hamburg (2008–present)

US Tour

Utah (2010)

Indiana (2011)
Massachusetts (2011)
San Jose, California (December 2011)
Arizona (2012)
Stuttgart (2013)
Spartanburg, South Carolina (2013)


Emilee Batten

Q: What are your feelings about the musical so far?
A:” I really enjoy working on the musical, I love the movie and its great being part of the musical.”

Q: What is your favorite part of the musical?
A: “When Jane and Tarzan first meet each other.”

Q: What is your favorite song in the musical?

A: “ Trashin’ Camp”

Eryn Partick

Q: What is your favorite part of the musical?
A: “Trashin’ Camp”

Q: What is your feeling on the musical so far?
A:” I feel like we are doing a great job. We just need to get it together and work harder.”

Q: Who is your favorite character in the musical and why?
A: “Kala, because she is loving and caring. She’s a wonderful mother.”

Philip Taylor
Q: Who is your character in the musical?
A: “Tarzans Father”

Q: Who’s your favorite character in the musical and why?
A: “Porter, because he has a cool accent.”

Q: How fast do you think the musical is coming together?
A: “I believe it’s coming together at a very normal rate, but much better than last year.”

Alston Ray

Q: What character do you play in the musical?
A:” Porter”

Q: What do you like about the musical?
A: “I like how it is fun.”

Q: What is your favorite scene in the musical?
A: “The scene where I am introduced into the musical.”

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!!!

Tarzan Press Release by Mikayla Fowler


Tarzan the musical is based on the Disney Movie of the same name and story by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The story starts out with a young couple and their baby. After becoming shipwrecked and stranded off the coast of Africa, they make themselves a home in the jungle but are attacked by the leopard. The baby is the only one who survives. Kala, a gorilla has recently lost her son by the same leopard. She hears the baby crying and takes him for herself. She names him Tarzan. The leader of the gorillas, Kerchak, is very upset that she has brought a human among them because he knows the danger that humans could bring to the Gorillas. As Tarzan grows up, Kerchak still does not accept him. Kerchak leads him to a waterhole and tells him he cannot return, but Kala decides to leave the rest of the gorillas and stay with Tarzan, whose goal becomes to one day make Kerchak proud. He soon grows into a man and ends up defeating the leopard. Kerchak lets Tarzan stay with the group but makes it clear - Tarzan is no son of his. Not long after that, explorers Professor and Jane Porter, and their guide Clayton enters into the jungle in search of gorillas. Jane explores the jungle by herself but soon gets into trouble. Tarzan saves her and is confused. She looks the same as him, but she is still so different.
Time passes and Jane teaches Tarzan all about the human world. They are obviously attracted to each other. In return of her help, Tarzan introduces her to his mother, Kala. Professor Porter and Clayton still haven't seen gorillas. They realize that they must call off the expedition soon. Clayton tells Tarzan that if they do not see gorillas, Jane will leave him. With the help of his best friend Terk, Tarzan invites his new friends into the nest without the knowledge of Kerchak. Jane and Porter are in awe. Kerchak appears and angrily chases them away. He throws Tarzan out for good.
Kala ends up telling Tarzan about where he came from, and after discovering this, Tarzan decides to dress human and return to England with Jane. Knowing now where the gorilla nest is, Clayton sets out to capture the gorillas. He catches Kerchak. Returning to say goodbye to Kala, Tarzan rescues the gorillas from Clayton, but it is too late for Kerchak. As he dies, he asks Tarzan, as his son, to look after the family. Tarzan realizes he must stay. They tell each other a sad goodbye, but Jane has a change of heart at the last second and decides to stay behind with Tarzan.

SCHS Cast for Tarzan:

·         Tarzan—Dustin Chapman
·         Jane—Taylor Hawes
·         Kala—Mikayla Fowler
·         Kerchak—Drake Harper
·         Terk—Britni Stevens
·         Porter—Austin Ray
·         Clayton—Isaiah Fipps
·         Snipes— Eryn Patrick
·         Father—Phillip Taylor
·         Mother—Morgan Fowler
·         Leopard—Summer Duncan
·         Ensemble—Emilee Batten, Crystal Hall, Tiffany Timmons, Corbin Clemons, Monica Tutt, Mykia Gerald, Rasheed Jordan, Reese Fowler, Timothy Locklear, Tori Stubbs,
·         Dancers—  (Advanced Dance) Morgan Fowler, Rachel Norris, Tradeesha Floyd, Desiree McLelland,  Chrishonna Smith, Haleigh Ward, Carolyn Foggan, Sia Yacoumis, Brittney Sellers, Maryrica Vereen, Shaquille Brinkley, Allison Cribb, Kendrick Jonson, Lindsey Lewis, Loquatia Smith, Bethany Godwin, Khrista Grahm, Gabby Small; (Dance One) Faith Cartrette, Amber Simmons, Holly Ward, Savannah Williams, Nala Vereen, Autumn Anderson, Mariah Hemingway, Courtney Marshall, Jacinda Sumpter, Mackenzie Marlowe, Alyssa Nelson

Professional Awards and Acknowledgments

The musical began previews on Broadway on March 24, 2006, and officially opened at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on May 10th making it the only Disney Theatrical production without an out-of-town tryout. Bob Crowley designed the sets and costumes and directed the original Broadway production; choreography was by Meryl Tankard and lighting by Natasha Katz. Danton Burroughs, grandson of Edgar Rice Burroughs, attended the opening night party, as did Phil Collins. The production was nominated for a Tony award for Best Lighting Design of a Musical (Natasha Katz). Due to poor ticket sales, the show closed on July 8, 2007 after 35 previews and 486 performances

The Original Broadway cast included:

·         Josh Strickland as Tarzan
·         Jennifer Gambatese as Jane
·         Shuler Hensley as Kerchak
·         Merle Dandridge as Kala
·         Chester Gregory II as Terk
·         Tim Jerome as Professor Porter
·         Donnie Keshawarz as Clayton
·         Daniel Manche / Alex Rutherford as Young Tarzan

Southstage Company’s Thoughts About the Production

SCHS cast members are very excited about the upcoming production. Dustin Chapman (Tarzan) says “This musical has been SO much fun. I love the music, and I love working on different acts every day. Being a part of this musical has definitely got me out of my comfort zone…but I’m happy that I’m able to take part because I’ve already learned so much and made so many new friends!” Another cast member, Morgan Fowler, who is not only a part of the advanced dancers, but the Victorian mother as well says, “I never would have thought being in a musical could be so much fun! It is a lot of hard work, but I know it will pay off when May 16 & 18 comes!” Ensemble members Corbin Clemons and Monica Tutt say that they think this show will be “the best show SCHS has had yet.”

I have also had a wonderful time working on this musical. This is my first time taking a part in a musical at SCHS. I never knew it could be so much fun! Playing the role of a gentle ape mother has its challenges, but I love playing the part of Kala. I cannot wait to start working with props and start piecing everything together. I know it’s going to be great!!

CTA Dance 2013, Whiteville High School

East Columbus, South Columbus and West Columbus High School Dancers

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Advanced Dance - Writing to Learn

“The entertainment industry during World War II underwent changes to help aid the cause of the war. The entertainment industry during this time was often controlled by a country's government. Since the governments believed that a supportive home front was crucial to their countries' victory, they generally sought to keep the civilian spirits high and to depict the war in a positive light. With this motive in mind, governments engaged in the regulation and censorship of the forms of media, as well as the introduction of new methods of informing citizens through these media outlets.” 

~ Wikepedia

Read the passage above. After reflecting on what you have read, consider why social dance may have served an important role during World War Two.

- Write about it!
- Dance about it!

Camp Jitterbug 

Rosie The Riveter

The Jitterbug makes for a lot of fun in group work/problem solving!

Beginning Dance - Writing to Learn

What do you think Martha Graham meant 
when she made this comment?

- Write about it!
- Dance about it!

Martha Graham - Diversion of Angels

Martha Graham Technique Class

Acts of Light Part III

What inspired Acts of Light by Martha Graham?

Martha Graham was inspired by a sentence in Emily Dickinson’s letters to a friend, “Thanks so much for the gifts of light you have sent me today.” Graham’s interpretation of Dickinson’s words communicates appreciation of the simple things in life. She wanted to celebrate the beauty, vitality and youth of a young dancer’s body.

The music used for the piece is Neilson’s Helios Overture. The inspiration of this musical composition also reflects the composer’s fascination with light and the symbolism it holds.

Graham also credited reference and inspiration to the bible for Acts of Light.

Genisis 1:3
And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

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