Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Legally Blonde Karaoke Tracks

OMG You Guys


What You Want

Harvard Variations

Blood in the Water



Chip on my Shoulder

So Much Better

Whipped Into Shape

Take it Like a Man

Bend and Snap

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde Remix

Find My Way/Finale

Costume Assignment Due April 1, 2016

The following photos demonstrate costuming that you can create yourself. Costumes will be due on April 1, 2016. Please try to assemble outfits you can find at home or borrow from friends or family members so you do not have to purchase these items.

Delta Nu’s 1 and Dancers/Spring Fling  
Bright colors, fun layers, cute shoes and accessories (NO black!)
Delta nu 2 and Dancers/Positive 
All white, various styles
Sales woman
Business attire
Nice suit any style or color
Sweater vests, pencil skirts, pleated slacks, cardigans, blouses
Hat and glasses are a must. sweater vest or cardigan, pleated pants
Elle's Parents 
Polo shirts, pleated pants/skirt, sweater vests, crazy plaid prints

Party Boys
beachwear (tie dye shirts, khaki shorts, sunglasses)

Kyle - UPS Guy 
khaki shorts and button up shirt (Boy Scout uniform?)brown socks, boots
Winthrop, Lowell, Pforzheimer - Harvard Guys
The suits need to be in the same color family, varying shades of brown
Nice suit and tie
Emmett and Law Students 
Enid and Padamadan are on the bench; Aaron and Emmett are standing. *Aaron (female version) would probably wear a pencil skirt, button up blouse, heels, hair pulled up, glasses

Business suit

graphic tees, denim vest, hippy blouse, wedges/heels, jean skirt OR skinny jeans (I think a pair of leggings would be effective if you go for a wild and crazy print.)