Grading and Make-up Work Policy

Participation/Daily Attendance Grades

Theater Make-Up Assignment for Absences
- Write a two-hundred word, two-person scene. 

- Perform/record an improvised monologue on a topic of your choice. Upload your recording in Band. 

Dance Make-Up Assignment for Absences

- Choreograph one minute of choreography (any genre except hip hop). Perform/record your choreography. Upload in Band. 

Additional Information About Class Absences

- One assignment per absence.
- Students will be forgiven one absence.
- Students who are missing from class due to school related activities (field trips, sports, testing, blood drive, etc…) will not be required to submit make-up work. This does NOT include ISS. ISS will be treated like an absence.

Testing (Scene Work or Movement Practical Projects/Tests, Performances) 

- Dance and Theater testing day is Friday and will usually occur weekly. 

- Students who miss a test will need to work out a time with the instructor to make it up. 
- Testing missed due to school related activities needs to be made up. Only the participation grade (absence) is excused. 

Missed Rehearsals, Events and Performances
- One assignment for each hour of missed rehearsal, performance, etc...


- Attendance, participation, quizzes and journals = 25% of grade
- Tests = 75% of grade

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